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Finding a new home is exciting. Getting ready to leave your old one is, well, not. Simplify the process with our tips for packing-up. Get Furniture Removal Nelspruit to help you with your next move to or from Nelspruit.

Nelspruit Mpumalanga

Mike`s Transport business operates in the Nelspruit area for the last 11 years. Phone any of our happy clients to get assurance about our professional and affordable furniture removal services.

Moving and packing specialist

Professional and Stress-free moving

Moving is one of the top 10 stressful events in most people`s lives, and we want to make it as EASY as possible for you. We have been in the moving industry for more than 11 years and know things inside out. We can give you the best advice on what to pack where. Just ask one of our friendly emplyees to assit you or give you some advice over the telephone.

Safe and Secure Storage (lockable)

We have a SAFE storage facility where all your stuff will be kept during your move. We are also covered by comprehensive insurance and offer insurance options to all our clients.

Professional Furniture Removals

Packing and Packaging

We assist you with all your packaging needs. Wrap up your delicates. Even if you’re not moving far, remember to wrap fragile items carefully in bubble wrap. If it’s an irreplaceable favorite, consider having it make the move with you instead of with movers. Leave it to the experts. Sometimes it’s worth the extra charge to let Mikes Transport put the finishing touches on your packing job. We can do things like wrap up bulky furniture, pack your flat-screen TV, and find a way to transport your vacuum cleaner and toaster.

Tips on moving

Get rid of it. Piling stuff you don’t need into boxes is ultimately a big waste of time, money, and moving-day manpower. So before you start packing, get your junk under control.

"Before you get any moving quotes, decide what you're going to keep and what you're going to trash. You're paying for the relocation by weight – so you pay for everything, even those Spiderman lamps you thought were cool as a kid. Are they worth the extra cost?"

"Get professional moving companies to come into your house and give you moving quotes. The further in advance you arrange your relocation, the better, even if you don't have the exact moving date yet."

"Notify your neighbors of loading and unloading dates. Most trucks and trailers are very long and take up a lot of room. Managing the parking situation -- as well as neighborhood children and animals getting in the way -- will smooth the process."

"Be aware that you can't get an accurate quote over the phone or using an internet inventory list."

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